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Hello World!

Thursday, 25 June 2020

In this post I will talk a bit about what I have planned for this blog, and what to expect in the future. You will most likely not see this post until after more content already has been posted, but if you do I wish you a warm welcome and please stay tuned for more content.

My plan for this blog is to be a place for me to write about tech, mostly programming, and the occasional post about other things that interest me.

What's to come?

For my first posts I'm planning to do a write up about how I publish this blog to a kubernetes cluster, composed of three Raspberry Pi 4's and an old laptop, using Tekton pipelines and fluxcd.


Behind the scenes I plan to add some more features to the site. For starters I want to add some lightweight and privacy friendly analytics like Plausible or Shynet. I also intend to add comments, most likely through a self hosted Commento instance.